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What would it look like if there was a collective effort to focus on the success of our children? Every child, every step of the way, cradle to career. Our community has the opportunity to approach education like rowing a boat. If everyone is rowing in different directions, our boat doesn’t go anywhere. When everyone agrees on the same direction, our boat begins to make progress. And when we decide to collectively row in union, our boat quickly begins to pick up speed. The same holds true for education. Escambia County needs coordinated vision and action among all groups.

Our community faces numerous challenges. On the early end of the spectrum, only 67% of our students are ready for Kindergarten₁ along the way only 72.7% graduate high school on time₂, and later in life 63% of our working-age population has a high school diploma or less as their highest educational attainment3. There is demand for thousands of new and replacement workers in the coming years in our key, targeted industries₄. We have an opportunity to come together to improve this.


Achieve Escambia Update

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Stanford Social Innovation Review Article

What is Collective Impact?

Collective Impact occurs when organizations and entities from different sectors agree to solve a specific social problem using a common agenda, aligning their efforts, and using common measures of success. Collective impact is not a program; it is a cross-sector community-wide umbrella structure that mobilizes the entire cradle to career system and stakeholders toward the collective, united community vision and ultimately aligns programming toward common outcomes. Collective Impact is much more rigorous and specific than collaboration among organizations.

How is this Different than What We’re Doing Now?

Our community has willing hands and big hearts. We have an abundance of organizations, partnerships and programs working to address the needs of our community, but the work is often occurring in isolation. Even with many strong programs, there are significant challenges – we’re program rich and system poor. We’re collaborating, but not working collectively. We’re focusing our energy on convening around programs and initiatives instead of working together to move outcomes. We’re using data to prove instead of to improve. We need business, education, government, neighborhoods, non-profit organizations, families and students to all join together for collective impact – every child, every step of the way, cradle to career.

How do we do this?

Escambia County needs a united vision, shared strategy and forum for collective action to improve outcomes. To be successful, all key stakeholders must be engaged. Join us as we chart this course toward greater educational achievement - for our students, for our families, for our future.

How to Get Involved?

Serve on a work team to continue refining aspects of Achieve Escambia.

In order to be sustainable and successful, this effort has to be community driven and owned. Please encourage additional involvement and engagement.


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