Red Feather Fellowship

The red feather was first used as a badge of courage and is now a symbol of intelligent, voluntary giving. Red Feather Fellowship members are donors who give an annual gift of $1,000 to $9,999. Some give a gift combined with a spouse or loved one. Wearers of the red feather show that they are participating in a united humanitarian movement by making an annual gift of $1,000 or more to United Way. This dedicated group of leaders demonstrates that investing in Escambia County is what matters.

The Red Feather Fellowship consists of four giving levels:
Red Feather: $1,000 to $1,499
Bronze Feather: $1,500 to $2,499
Silver Feather: $2,500 to $4,999
Gold Feather: $5,000 to $9,999

In 2015-16, the Red Feather Fellowship included 434 members who collectively gave over $643,496! Want to learn more about the Red Feather Fellowship? Call Laura Hill at (850) 444-7143 or e-mail

Gold Feather Level

$5,000 to $9,999

Mrs. Vera Danly

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hayes

Ms.Andrea Krieger

Mr. and Mrs. Ashley D. Pace

Mr. Gene Rosenbaum

Mr.Richard Teel

Mr. James Vick

Silver Feather Level

$2,500 to $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Beasley

Mrs.Keitha Buckingham

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Cleary

Mr. Matthew Durham

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Fair

Mr. Stephen Herrmann

Ms. Linda Herrmann

Mr. John Isbell

Mr. Eric Jenson

Mr. John Johannemann

Ms. Michelle Kane

Mr. Joe Kinsey

Mr. David Lister

Mr. and Mrs. Jody Knisley

Mr. David Lister

Mr. and Mrs. David Moore

Mr. Alan and Mrs. Margie Moore

Ms. Cecilia Nanni

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Styranec

Judge and Mrs. Roger Vinson

Mr. Robert Wiscombe

Mrs. Sherry Wiscombe

Mr. David Yefremov

Bronze Feather Level

$1,500 to $2,499

Ms. Loretta D. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. William Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bear III

Mr. John Blackwell

Ms. Heike Bolton

Mr. Daniel Bridges

Mr. Michael Burroughs

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cassidy

Mr. and Ms. Craig Charles

Mr. John B. Clark

Mr. Daniel Coker

Mr. Adrianne Collins

Dr. and Mrs. Harry Cramer

Mr. Randy Cumberland

Ms. Tammy Davies

Mr. Daniel Davis

Ms. Michelle Dufresne

Mr. and Mrs. William Dunaway

Mrs. Carolyn Dwelle

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Esser

Mr. John Floyd

Mr. and Mrs. David Frederick

Mr. Thomas Gibble and Ms. LeeAnn Pitts

Mr. Michael K. Grissett

Mrs. Kimberly Haas

Mr. Mark Haston

Mrs. Deborah Hayes Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hilton

The Honorable Janet Holley

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kahn

Mr. James Lay

Mr. Jack McCraw

Mr. and Mrs. Matt McKinney

Mr. James Myers

Ms. Margaret Neyman

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Nichols

Mr. and Ms. Roy Noble

Mr.  John Oerting

Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Rourke

Drs. James and Nell Potter

Mr. Dewight Rea

Mr. David Robinson

Mr. Phillip Sadler and Ms. April Horne

Mr. Gary Sammons

Ms. Shardra Scott

Ms. Sue Straughn

Mr. Jarl Young

Red Feather Level

$1,000 to $1,499

Mr. Tim and Mrs. Kathy Anthony 

Mr. Raymond Aguado

Mr. Robert Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Asmar

Mr. Joseph Bajjaly

Mr. Lawrence Baldwin

Ms. Christine Baldwin

Mr. Herbert Ball

Ms. Virginia Barbacovey

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Barrow

Mr. Edward Battaglia

Mr. Brian Baumgardner

Ms. Jessica Beal

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beall

Mr. and Mrs. David Bear

Mr. and Ms. Joel Boles

Mr. John Bolyard

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Bonner

Mr. John Bossom, III

Mr. Timothy Brinker

Ms. Audra Broadbent

Ms. Rebecca Bromley

Mr. Jack Brown

Mr. Mark Browning

Ms. Gretchen Brubaker

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Bullock

Mr. Kevin Carloni

Ms. Carolyn Carnley

Ms. Andrea Carper

Mr. Phillip Ceccarossi

Mr. Roy Childers

Mr. Robert Cleary

Ms. Amanda Clonts

Ms. Thea Coconino

Mr. Phillip Cook

Mr. Bobby Cordes

Mr. Gerald Cox

Mr. Jerrett Craig

Mr. John Crane

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Crawford

Mr. Austin Crowdus

Ms. Cheryl Cullison

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Currie

Mr. Scott Dahlem

Mr. Kenneth Daniels

Ms. Lindsay Darnell

Mr. Rusty Davis

Ms. Angelene Dodson

Mr. Michael Dorion

Mr. Louis Dunn

Mr. Michael Durant

Mr. Chris Durfey

Ms. Anne Dyson

Ms. Krista Ebbert

Mr. Dennis Echols

Mr. Brandon Eckhoff

Mr. Thomas Ellis

Mrs. Cathy England

Ms. Barbara Erickson

Mr. John Falduti

Mr. Robert Farroll

Mr. William Feazell

Mr. Ralph Fenn

Mr. David Flowers

Ms. Tracy Forstner

Ms. Tamara Fountain

Mr. Edward Gardner

Mr. Robert Gast

Ms. Kristen Gebhart

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Giammaria

Mr. Michael Gibbons

Ms. Jennifer Grove

Mr. Raymond Grove

RADM. William Gureck

Ms. Lisa Hamilton

Mr. Glenn Hammond

Ms. Catherine Hanner

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hardy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrell

Ms. Margaret Harris

Ms. Carol Harrison

Dr. and Mrs. Everett Havard

Ms. Jasmine Haynes

Mr. Jefferson Helton

Mr. James Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hendry

Ms. Charlotte Henke

Mrs. Sharon Hensel

Mr. Jack Hierholzer

Ms. Janet Hodnett

Mr. Michael Holland

Ms. Kimberly Horton

Mr. Charles Howton

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hrbacek

Ms. Nichole Huffman

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Huggins

Mr. Christopher Hull

Mr. Brandon Humphreys

Mr. Michael Hutcherson

Ms. Gloria Isbell

Mr. Mac and Kathie Jeffcoat

Ms. Jennifer Johnson

Mr. Russell Johnson

Mr. David Jones

Ms. Julie Jones

Ms. Brenda King

Mr. Dale Kirchharr

Mrs. Becky Kirsch

Mr. Mikey Kitch

Mr. Ed Koontz

Mr. Britt Landrum

Mr and Mrs. Tyson Langham

Mr. Patrick Lascell

Mr. Kevin Lee

Mr. Robert Leidner

Ms. Sydnie Lewis

Ms. Tanya Lockett

Mr. Clifton Lord

Ms. Margaret Lorren

Mr. Steven Lovette

Ms. Shannon Martin

Mr. David Mathews

Mr. James Mathis

Mr. Larry Mathis

Mr. Brian Matson

Mr. Wilmer McCants

Ms. Michele McCarthy

Mr. James McClendon

Ms. Angela McCorvey

Ms. Lisa McCullough

Mr. Alan McDaniel

Ms. Kimberly McDaniel

Ms. Sherri McDonald

Ms. Nina McLaughlin

Ms. Yvette McLellan

Mr. Robert McLendon

Mr. Donald McMahon

Mr. Richard McMillan

Mr. Ronald McNair

Mr. Johnny McNeal

Mr. Jonathan McQuagge

Mr. Christopher Meier

Mr. William Miller

Mr. Timothy Montgomery

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Moore

Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Moore

Mr. and Mrs. William Morrison

Mr. David Musselwhite

Mr. Dennis Myrick

Mr. Edward Myska

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nall

Ms. Jean Nelson

Mr. Kent Nesvik

Mr. Alan Nickelsen

Mr. Warren Norred

Mr. David Norris

Mr. Richard Norris

Ms. Marcia Nowlin

Dr. Catherine O'Malley

Ms. Laura Osborne

Mr. and Mrs. Mort O'Sullivan

Mr. William Oswald

Ms. Sharhonda Owens

Mr. Jeremy Pace

Mr. William Paden

Mr. Scott Palacios

Mr. Van Palmer

Ms. Kara Parker

Mr. Mitesh Patel

Mr. Dwayne Pickett

Ms. Sharon Pinkerton

Mr. Brannon Pitts

Mr. Matthew Potter

Mr. Trenten Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Prather

Mr. Larry Pugh

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Purdy

Mr. Anthony Reeves

Mr. and Ms. Scott Remington

Mr. and Ms. Jimmy Rich

Mr. Roger Richards

Ms. Ida Richardson

Mr. Jesse Rigby

Mr. Buzz Ritchie

Ms. Susan Ritenour

Mr. Arthur Roberts

Mr. Kevin Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Grover Robinson

Mr. Kendrick Rodgers

Mr. Brandon Rogers

Miss Kalyn Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Rosenbaum

Mr. Richard Sanchez

Ms. Kelly Scharer

Mr. John Schneider

Mr. Bernard Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Thurston Shell

Mr. Doug Shipman

Ms. Melinda Shirley

Ms. Claudia Simmons

Ms. Sandra Sims

Mr. Kenneth Sims

Mr. John Slavich

Mr. Jamie Smith

Mr. Norman Smith

Mr. Gregory Stallworth

Ms. Jennifer Stewart

Mr. Richard Stone

Ms. Angela Strickland

Mr. Don Suarez

Mr. William Sumlin

Mr. Johnathan Taylor

Mr. Kristopher Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. John Tice

Mr. and Mrs. John Tria

Mr. William Trilone Jr

Ms. Martha Tutchtone

Mr. Darrell Wadsworth

Mr. Shawn Walker

Mr. and Mrs. James Walker

Mr. Raymond Walker

Mrs. Elizabeth Wallin

Mr. Jonathan Walls

Mr. Ronald Waters

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Weisnicht

Mr. James Wells

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wernicke

Mr. David Wheeler

Mrs. Patrice Whitten

Mr. Jonathan Wiggins

Ms. Cindy Williams

Ms. Hattie Williams

Ms. Christine Williams

Mr. Steve Williams

Ms. Lisa Williams

Mr. William Wilson

Mr. Denny Wilson

Mrs. Michele Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Woolf

Mr. Stewart Wright

Ms. Jasmin Wyer

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Yaden

Mr. Christofer Zajac